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Longtower Primary School, Derry

The Staff

Mrs J Logue Principal
Mrs C Hutchison Nursery Teacher (Designated teacher)
Miss N Guy Primary 1
Ms L Henderson Primary 1
Mrs J Kelly Primary 2 (Maths Coordinator)
Miss B Biddle Primary 2
Mrs C Duncan Primary 3
Mrs M Lynch Primary 3
Miss C Bowe Primary 4
Mrs McCrystal/Mr G Kelly Primary 4
Mr T Meehan Primary 5
Miss J Brown P6 (Vice-Principal/Designated teacher)
Miss E Doherty P7


Mrs R Doherty Mrs S Fox Miss B Mc Menamin
Miss R Harvey Mrs C Daly Mrs J Snodgrass
Mrs N Crossan Miss C Devine Miss M Craig
Mrs S Watt    


Ms N Hannaway


Mrs V McGinley Mrs J Cregan Mrs L Doherty
Mrs B Friel Miss M Millar  


Mr J Page – caretaker Mr E Mc Cool
Mr J Mc Geehan Mrs C Mc Fadden


Staff ensure that teaching and learning is broad, balanced, challenging and supportive at whole class, group and individual level. They use a variety of teaching approaches to maximize the learning opportunities for our pupils.

Excellent relationships exist between the staff and we work together as a team for the benefit of all our pupils.

The Child Protection Team consists of;

Mrs Logue: Principal, Deputy Designated Teacher
Miss Brown: Designated Teacher
Mrs Hutchison: Deputy Designated Teacher/Designated Nursery Teacher
Ms Anne Mc Taggart: Designated Governor for Child Protection